49+ Uniquely Cool Style Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambiance To Your Sleeping Space

Bird Shaped Table Lamps

Bird Shaped Table Lamps: Let’s start with a few unusual bedside lamps! Reminiscent of origami paper cranes, these bird-shaped lamps are a creatively sculptural way to add accent lighting to the home. Each one provides diffused LED lighting, ideal for an accent spot near a sofa or bed or even in a hallway.

Scandinavian Style Bedside Lamp

Scandinavian Style Bedside Lamp: Lamps with adjustable bodies are great for desk work, but they make great bedroom lamps for nightstands too – just turn the body away for gentle nighttime illumination, or swivel the head toward the bed for focused evening reading.

Swing Arm Nightstand Lamp

Swing Arm Nightstand Lamp: Here’s another adjustable lamp with Scandinavian style inspiration. The white and wood body would fit well with any interior style. The braided cord is extra durable, and the three-point body easily adapts to any angle.

Nordic Table Lamp

Nordic Table Lamp: Whether you’re looking for something with a modern Nordic style or need the perfect accent piece for your rustic-themed bedroom, this solid wood table lamp is a wonderfully unique option. What a warm aesthetic!

Trinity Arc Floor Lamp Antique Bronze Finish, Beige Burlap Lamp

Trinity Arc Floor Lamp Antique Bronze Finish, Beige Burlap Lamp: Trinity Arc is a renowned name in high-end interior decor, and now anyone looking to redecorate their bedroom lighting scheme can find affordable reproductions of their famous Trinity Arc Lamp design. Hardcore collectors can find the original here.

Red Bedside Table Lamp

Red Bedside Table Lamp: Do you prefer passionate colour schemes for your bedroom? Complete the look with these red bedside lamps, and enjoy comfortable illumination without breaking your budget.

Damo Copper Finish Bedside Table Lamp

Damo Copper Finish Bedside Table Lamp: It’s not easy to find a copper bedside table lamp, so if you love metallic accessories make sure to bookmark this one! This sleek design is made from durable steel with a super-polished copper finish.

Seealle Bedside Table Lamp

Seealle Bedside Table Lamp: Sculptural, neat, and timeless. This simple table lamp would fit equally well among Scandinavian or Asian inspired bedroom decor. It’s hard to go wrong with a wood table lamp like this one.

Modern Decorative Bedside HAITRAL Table Lamp

Modern Decorative Bedside HAITRAL Table Lamp: Scandinavian decor fans should love this versatile design. And if you’ve jumped on the low bed trend, the sturdy base makes this piece perfect as a low bedside floor lamp – though it’s still small enough to look great on a table.

Thai Vintage Handmade Asian Oriental Japanese Sakura Flower Bedside Table Floor Wood Paper Lamps

Thai Vintage Handmade Asian Oriental Japanese Sakura Flower Bedside Table Floor Wood Paper Lamp: This handsome tripod bedside lamp is just the right height to work on a table or on the floor. Its distinctive bamboo body is inspired by Japanese design but would look great in a retro-themed bedroom as well.

Menu JWDA Concrete Bed Side Table Lamps

Menu JWDA Concrete Bed Side Table Lamp: Crafted from concrete and glass, this Jonas Wagell design is equally suited to industrial and minimalist interiors alike. The brass knob doubles as a switch and a dimmer for flexibility and ease-of-use.

Cube Shaped Concrete Table Lamps

Cube Shaped Concrete Table Lamp: Small bedside table lamps don’t have to be boring! This creative design combines contemporary concrete with a vintage Edison bulb. It’s unlike any other design but remains surprisingly affordable.

Tolomeo Style Bedside Lamps

Tolomeo Style Bedside Lamp: Inspired by the famous Tolomeo lamp, these reproductions offer extensive adjustability, making them the perfect bedside reading lamps for any style bedroom. They have the reach, height, and flexibility to illuminate any task at hand.

Cute Black Orb Shaped Bedside Table Lamps

Cute Black Orb Shaped Bedside Table Lamp: These black bedside lamps have a unique form with a common colour scheme to fit a wider variety of interior design styles.


Cocotte Table Lamp
: Are you a fan of Serge Mouille’s famous lighting designs? The original is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the charm of vintage design bedside lamps without sacrificing the convenience of modern manufacturing quality. Each one includes a certificate of authenticity.


AJ Table Lamp: It’s hard to find bedside lamps more iconic than the AJ Table Lamp, named after and designed by Arne Jacobsen. These reproductions are an affordable alternative to a classic luxury style.

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