33+ Modern False Ceilings Lighting Design For Your Living Room Space

If you are planning to decorate Design For Your Living Room Space, then these false ceilings with cove lighting designs are extremely popular for your living room in Your Home.Today I got tons of the absolute most gorgeous and contemporary false ceiling designs with cove lighting which can be constructed into your living room house decor.

The starry sky living room

Wood panelling from wall to the ceiling

A hint of neoclassicism

Intriguing partition

Strong ceiling design

The designer of this first living room

creating a pleasant blend.

this adds depth to the room and ties all the organic elements together.

decorate for an apartment twice it’s size.

add a literal accent wall into the room

allows the homeowners to enjoy the 3-D view given by the glass walls.

the perfect way to make every room in your home stand out

creating a unified room that works

The warm wooden panels mesh well with room’s furniture

Wooden slats were used to create an exclusive accent walls

style of your house you will have a range of design options

modern sofa accent stands out in the otherwise neutral background.

This living room is spectacular

That makes up an accent wall all on their own.

This living room is edgy and sophisticated

while the colourful furniture creates a cozy and stylish area.

the designer made masterful use of the house’s unique structure to create a visually stunning area.

This living room allows this vision to be fully realized.

grow as far as the homeowner allows.

living room turns the entire home into an open-plan space, and the effect is brilliant.

What better way to warm up an industrial style

penthouse living room looks fit for royalty.

The fixture focuses more on brightening the seating area

multiple lighting fixtures provide ambient lighting.

The elegant glossy ceiling in the living room area

Creating a warm, even glow around the Modern ceiling design edges of your room is key

Wall lights don’t have to just blend into the background if you prefer a traditional style in your living room opt for something more decorative. 

The cove lighting accents the ceiling’s architectural detail, and it also offers soft ambient lighting around the entire space.

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