21+ Best Bedroom Accent Wall Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Space

Which wall should be the accent wall in a bedroom in 2021?

In a bedroom, do consider an accent wall even if you’re keeping your room neutral. Choose bright colors for a contemporary look, You need to create balance in a narrow room.

So Before you pick color, evaluate your potential accent wall based on your mood, taste and style.

In this post I cover 21+ best Bedroom Accent Wall Design Ideas that are Trendy this Year.

22. A Whimsical Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural

21. A Contemporary Wall Design to Make a Statement

20. A Cozy Bohemian Pop of Green

19. A Cozy Wooden Accent Wall in Your Master Retreat

18. A Custom Accent Wall on the Ceiling

17. A Dreamy Ombre Bedroom Accent Wall Design Idea

16. An Accent Wall with Dark and Dramatic Paint

15. Beautiful Watercolor Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper for Bedroom

14. Bold Bright Hexagon Accent Wall for Teen

13. Budget-Friendly Shiplap Accent Wall for Master Bedroom

12. Diamond Patterned Accent Wall with Texture

11. DIY Herringbone Modern Accent Wall

10. DIY Pallet Wall for the Master Bedroom

9. Exposed Faux Brick Bedroom Accent Wall Design Ideas

8. Gold Stenciled Bedroom Accent Wall

7. Modern Black Triangle Decals to Accent Your Wall

6. Out of This World Chalkboard Accent Wall

5. Palm Leaf Wall Stencil for a Touch of Tranquility

4. Transform Your Bedroom with Grey Paint

3. Tropical Oasis Bedroom Accent Wall Design Ideas

2. Upgrade Your Space with a Wood Accent Wall

1. Zodiac Constellation Wall Decal Accent Wall Design

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